ATV Insurance

  • Sport
  • 4-wheel
  • Utility
  • 6-wheel
  • Multi-passenger
  • 8-wheel

We do not accept 3-wheeled units.


Why do you need a separate insurance policy for your all-terrain or utility vehicle?

It’s simple. Although you can easily add an endorsement to your homeowners policy, doing so only covers you when you are riding on your own property. If you ride anywhere else, you need to protect yourself with a genuine ATV/UTV policy.



Home ownership – 20% for three years or more of home ownership

Claim-free renewal – 3% on first renewal and 5% each successive year

Transferring your policy to us – 10% if no lapse in coverage or 1% if less than a 30-day lapse

Insuring multiple units – 10% if insuring two ATVs or 15% for three or more


Included coverage

Three coverage options –

  • Full coverage – The policy specifies a specific value for the vessel that will be paid in the event of a total loss or theft.
  • Liability plus comprehensive – Comprehensive coverage includes protection for theft or damage to your ATV resulting from causes such as fire or weather, but not collision.
  • Liability only – You are insured for just the liability requirements of your state. Physical damage coverage to the ATV is not part of the policy.

Actual cash value settlement – In the event of a total loss or theft, we will pay the actual cash value, which includes a deduction for depreciation. For a partial loss we pay the repair cost, minus depreciation for damaged parts. The policy deductible applies.

Accessories – When you purchase full coverage, equipment you add to your ATV that did not come from the manufacturer (as identified by the VIN) is covered separately up to $1,000. You can buy up to $15,000 in coverage.


Optional coverage

Transport trailer – Add physical damage coverage for a trailer designed to transport your insured ATV. A $250 deductible applies.

Replacement cost – Coverage starts at $1,000 and can be increased up to $10,000


Flexible payment options

Automate monthly installments with EZPay, or pay by check or credit card, either in full, two or four payments.

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