Make a Payment

Many customers want the convenience of automated bill payments. We call it EZPay. Other customers prefer to receive a bill and then mail us a check. That works, too.

EZPay automates payments

With EZPay, a withdrawal is made from a bank account you specify, or charged to your credit card. We let you pick the date of the month for the payment. Once EZPay begins, we will stop mailing invoices.

EZPay benefits

  • Payments are never forgotten or lost in the mail.
  • Payments are spread out over an entire year.
  • Choose the day of the month payment will be made. That helps with budgeting.
  • The service fee is only $1 per installment.
  • Account information is protected by law and carefully secured.
  • Set-up is simple and quick.
  • EZPay can be cancelled at any time with a phone call.

Sign Up for EZPay

You’ll need the activation code from your invoice. Have questions? Need help? Call 1-800-543-2644.

Or, pay in installments after receiving a bill

You can pay in full at the time your policy coverage begins, or you can make a down payment and pay the balance in one or more installments.

Our property programs typically offer a 4-Pay schedule (a down payment followed by three installments). Our recreational programs generally offer a 2-Pay schedule (a 50 percent down payment with the balance due in 60 days). It varies by state and program, so please ask your agent which plan is available in your state. A service fee applies to each installment.

Your personal check is welcome, as is your credit card, or electronic payment from your checking or saving account.