Getting started with AMsuite

AMsuite® is American Modern’s new, easy-to-use platform that bundles together quoting, policy management, claims, and analytical functions. It is based on the popular Guidewire software and replaces modernLINK®.

Moving from modernLINK to AMsuite is less of a change than it might at first seem because you already understand our product lines (we are just making them better), and you already understand the general quoting process (we are making it easier).

Learn more about using AMsuite

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If live instruction works better for you, we give Internet-based presentations several times a month.

Look at the benefits
Ten ways AMsuite will save you time and help you better support customers.

Understand key words
Terms used in AMsuite are a bit different. So that you don’t get hung up on a word, look through this glossary.

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