10 ways AMsuite will save you time and help you better support customers

  1. The interface is much more flexible. You can jump ahead or back as needed instead of being required to move from one screen to the next.
  2. Customer data that’s already in the system auto populates fields in a new quote, eliminating duplicate work.
  3. C.L.U.E. reports import prior loss details saving you time and increasing quote accuracy, and upgraded MSB reports make it easier to estimate a replacement cost and to verify structure details.
  4. Quoting questions and logic are consistent between product types, making quoting more intuitive and reducing the learning curve.
  5. The number of underwriting questions has been reduced, too, and you will see only questions that are relevant to the risk you are looking to cover.
  6. Reorganized underwriting rules will minimize exceptions and approval delays.
  7. Customers can electronically sign required forms saving the hassle of chasing and filing paper documents.
  8. Process policy changes (endorsements) easily on your own without underwriting assistance.
  9. An individual submission (a quote) can include the names of several people, which makes it easier to accommodate multiple drivers.
  10. Occupancy type is easily changed. No more cancel/rewrites just to change between rental and vacant.

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