Policy Conversion

AMsuite Is Replacing modernLINK: Help Your Customers Through the Policy-Conversion Process

We’ve made it as easy as 1-2-3 for your policyholders to ensure coverage during the transition. Just click play to see how you can help.

We’re working hard to make the switch to AMsuite a smooth one for you and your customers. As part of the transition, we need your policyholders to take three easy steps to ensure they maintain coverage:

Below are answers to the key AMsuite questions
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A few weeks before their current policy expires, your customers will be notified that it won’t automatically renew. Instead, they’ll be sent a replacement offer from American Modern Property & Casualty. To maintain coverage, all policyholders—including those on EZPay automatic payments—need to accept that offer.

We’ve outlined the three steps in the graphic above. Just for emphasis:

  1. .  Find their numbers. Customers must locate their policy number and activation code on a recent mailer or bill. They can also call 800-543-2644 for help. You can help, too, by locating their numbers for them in AMsuite or modernLINK.
  2. .  Go to amig.com/mypolicy. This one-stop website was created for policyholders to accept their conversion policy and manage their EZPay automatic payments plan.
  3. .  Activate their replacement policy. All they need to do is click “Get Started Now” and follow the simple prompts. A payment may be required and they’ll also have the opportunity to enroll in EZPay automatic payments.  A policyholder may also choose to activate their replacement policy by mailing a check or calling 800-543-2644.

EZPay customers are accustomed to automatic renewals and payments. For the EZPay customers who have not recently reauthorized (on the new form), activation of the replacement policy will not happen automatically and they will be switched to an invoice payment plan. These customers must activate the replacement policy to ensure coverage continues. They will have the option to enroll the new replacement policy in EZPay automated payments again upon activation at amig.com/mypolicy. If your customers have recently reauthorized their EZPay account (on new forms), activation of the replacement policy will happen automatically and their coverage will continue under the replacement policy.

Start and end dates vary, and it’s a state-by-state process, too. It’s likely that you’ll have customers undergoing conversion for a 12-month period, depending on when the process begins in your state. Check with your TSM for more details about your specific state(s).

  1.   Watch a short AMsuite-transition video here.
  2.   Register for an AMsuite webinar here.

YES! Policyholders may also activate their policies by mailing a check or over the phone by calling 800-543-2644. Make checks payable to: American Modern Property and Casualty Insurance Company. Mail to: American Modern P&C, PO Box 740167, Cincinnati, OH 45274

No. The policy number for the new replacement policy will NOT be the same. Please let customers know they should reference the policy number for the replacement policy for future transactions.

Here’s a look at the mailings your policyholders will receive.

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Opt out letter
Offer letter
Insert with offer

Opt Out Letter

60-90 before expiration date

Offer Letter

14 days after Opt out letter

Insert with Offer


Billing invoice
Reminder notice
Last chance postcard

Billing Invoice

Few days after offer letter

Reminder Notice

15 days prior to expiration date

Last Chance Post Card

10 days prior to expiration date

Still Have Questions?

Reach out to your underwriting authority/general agency contact, or call American Modern at 800-543-2644.