Activate My Policy

Have you been notified that your current policy is expiring?

To ensure your coverage continues, simply activate your replacement policy by making a payment now.

Find the login information you'll need on the blue insert:

You'll also find it on your renewal bill:

What is happening?

American Modern stands committed to bringing you even better coverages for your property and possessions. As we introduce new products, coverages, and discounts, and consolidate our efforts under a single underwriting entity, we are required to offer you a replacement policy. This policy will take effect upon your acceptance and payment – ensuring your coverage remains uninterrupted. You must make a payment or your current policy will expire at the end of your term.

Enrolled in automatic payment withdrawals?

Our apologies. Your payment will not be automatically withdrawn and you will need to make your initial payment and re-enroll for automatic payment withdrawals. The fastest, easiest way to do both is here.

Insurance paid through your lender?

No worries whatsoever! We will send your new insurance bill directly to your lienholder. They will pay it automatically for you.

Need more payment options?

You may also pay by mailing a check or via credit card over the phone.

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Call 800-543-2644.


Have more questions?

Reach out to your agent or call us at 800-543-2644.

Are you an agent?

More details around the policyholder experience can be found here.