March 10, 2016
Tips for Making Site Clean-Up Simple

Good day, my studies. Ready for today’s learning? Come in. Sit down.

When we began our LivingWise journey together all those months ago, we set out to build a home for the 21st Century — one built with an eye toward environmental responsibility — using sustainable materials, smart technology and green building practices.

The construction on our LivingWise home is complete. And that means that we should turn our attention to cleaning up our construction site. As in the building phase, we need to be careful to protect our surroundings from environmental hazards during our wind-down.

Today, let’s watch this video to discover methods our American Modern volunteers used to maintain a clean, safe and responsible work site. Shannon and her crew will share with you tips that you can use on your own future home building or home improvement projects, to minimize your impact on our shared resources.

A construction site doesn’t need to be a harmful site. Let’s learn how we can all pitch in to keep our land, water and air clean.