March 24, 2016
The Big Reveal: Our Finished LivingWise Home

It’s been many months, my studies. We’ve learned much together: how to engage with our surroundings in smart, sustainable ways, how to build structures that reduce our environmental footprints, and how  to look at the world around us with fresh eyes.

Today, we’re happy to show you the LivingWise home you’ve all helped to create. American Modern and its partners, Hartford Steam Boiler and the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), recently hosted a “big reveal” event at the LivingWise site. Watch the video here.

You should be proud of what we’ve accomplished together, my studies. When we began our journey together, we knew only that there were questions to ask. We didn’t know what the answers would be, what innovations we would discover together, or what lifestyle changes we could implement.

Today, you hopefully feel like you have a better idea of how we can all work together to positively impact our natural world. And our journey isn’t over, studies.

Over coming months, our LivingWise home will serve its intended purpose as a testbed for understanding what can happen to green materials and smart technologies in a home emergency. We’ll use it to figure out efficient, effective ways of repairing damage.

We’ll use it to discover coverage nuances that customers and insurance agents should be thinking about — now that smart technologies are becoming cheaper and more common in the home market — when choosing the right protection for a home.

And I will continue to show you inspirational ideas and news. I’ll continue to pose questions to you and encourage you to share your thoughts. I’ll continue to be a sounding board for your journey.

Our LivingWise home’s construction may be complete. But we’re not done yet. Not nearly done. Stay tuned, my studies. More inspiration, innovation and information to come.