September 13, 2016
Opening the flood gates

I crave peace and tranquility, my studies, so when I heard the news that we were planning an experiment to see how the house’s building materials and sensors reacted to water, it nearly knocked me off my bare feet.

They weren’t referring to the serene trickling fountain in my meditation garden either. They flooded the house! Gaze upon the video and see for yourself.

We simulated a burst pipe between the first and second floors, and for nearly two-and-a-half hours pumped more than 400 gallons of water into the house. The water seeped down the walls, dripped from the door casing, flowed under the cabinets, and soaked the carpet and pad. It took everything I had not to jump ship to my happy place.

After we stopped the water flow, we surveyed the area to see the specific damage the water caused.

One thing we found was how a water sensor and electronic shut-off valve could save thousands of dollars in damage, and one soggy headache.

There will be more to come, my studies, but in the meantime, stay inspired, informed, and dry.