LivingWise Guru

The LivingWise Guru — "LG" for short — attained sustainability enlightenment while meditating in a small, net zero home that had been constructed solely out of recycled materials. Having since adopted a life of serene, green austerity, LG now grows and sells Thai ghost chilies for subsistence, sits zazen daily next to a small wind farm in the American Midwest, and shares his wisdom with devoutly green, superbly smart, and wildly aspiring followers of all things home. LG's copies of Henry David Thoreau's Walden, Bob Vila's Guide to Building and Remodeling Homes and the I Ching are coffee-stained and well-worn.

Shannon Lewandowski

Shannon joined American Modern 11 ½ years ago as a staff adjuster in Michigan. Since then, she has served in the liability department, inside property and now in the claims learning and development center. What inspires her to live wisely? "I love learning and trying things on my own. I’ve done small home improvement projects on my 1930’s Sears Kit home. I’ve replaced toilets, faucets, lights, switches, outlets and even assisted with redoing the front steps (I needed some help). This year I’m working on the deck railing, building raised garden beds and making a new paver walkway to the house. This winter I plan to retile the shower and the bathroom floor. I live for home improvement and find inspiration on Pinterest. I may not have the greatest success at first, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. And practice, I’ve learned, makes perfect."

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