November 10, 2015
Act wisely when deep-frying your turkey.

Good day, my studies. This week’s meditation: giving thanks.

With the holiday fast approaching, I need to thank you, studies. Thank you for your conscientiousness. Thank you for your willingness to make a difference. Thank you for allowing me to show you the truths I have learned along our homebuilding journey.

Where did this all come from? A discussion I had last week with my friend, Mather — from whom I buy a lot of tasty organic vegetables every Saturday at the county farmer’s market.

We were talking about Thanksgiving and our meal plans. I told him about the nice seitan roll with shallot-and-mushroom stuffing and vegan gravy I’m going to make this year, and he told me he was planning on using a brand new deep-fryer to cook a turkey.

“I’ll never set a fryer up in a shed again, though,” he said.

Naturally, I was curious and raised an eyebrow.

“Last Thanksgiving, it was raining a little bit, so I set my old fryer up in my work shed,” he explained. “Cooked the turkey, took it inside and everything was just great. But just about the time we were passing around the pumpkin pie, I smelled smoke.”

As it turned out, Mather had set up his fryer a little too close to a sack of feed. The residual heat touched off the sack and started a fire that burned down his shed, destroyed a small tractor and caused $20,000 in claims.

“So I guess this holiday, I’ll be giving thanks my agent is still talking to me,” he said with a chagrined look.

There’s a lesson in this, studies. I give thanks that Mather and his family weren’t hurt. And for the fact that he was well-insured. But we can learn from his experience.

Here are some safety tips to help you plan your turkey cooking this year. Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.