December 2, 2015
7 Smart Ways to Prevent Holiday Theft

Good day, my studies. Are you ready for the winter holidays? Today I want to speak to you about something important: protecting yourself from holiday-related thefts.

It’s matter of course that, around the holidays, thefts occur more frequently. With many people shopping for gifts online these days, packages left on front stoops make for easy targets. Shoplifting and purse snatching incidents are more frequent at retail outlets and malls.

Break-ins and burglaries are more common in the winter months. Homes left vacant due to holiday travel are especially vulnerable.

What can you do to protect yourself and your belongings?

For one, be extremely cautious about “checking in” to locations on social media, or about mentioning in public that you will be travelling. Some would-be thieves trawl social media feeds for intelligence about who’s going to be where and when, and they can be quite sophisticated about it.

If you post photos from a trip or talk about being at a location away from your home, wait until you return home to do so.

Lock down your privacy settings on your social media accounts and turn off location services on your smartphone, to prevent your location from being monitored by nefarious types. Want to know what more you can do?

Click here to see 7 easy steps you can take to keep your home safe this holiday season.

Now, go have fun shopping, studies. And remember to spend those holiday bonuses wisely! A new solar panel for your home, perhaps?