November 28, 2016
5 smart devices to protect your home during the holidays

If you’re like me, my studies, you’re gearing up for the holiday shuffle, hopping from one home to the next and soaking up as much holiday cheer as possible. Since so many of us travel during the holidays and because home thefts tend to increase this time of year, now is a great time to think about home security.

Take a look at these Om-inducing smart devices that can help keep your home secure during the holiday season and beyond.

  1. Smart security cameras. Using your mobile device you can watch a live feed of your home or receive notifications when the camera’s motion sensor detects any activity. Since you can place these cameras anywhere, they’re a great way to keep tabs on areas such as driveways or carports that aren’t typically monitored by home security systems.
  1. Smart power plugs. Smart power plugs turn anything into a smart device, even those lamps your aunt Sue got you in 1998. By using a smart plug to control your lights or TV you can create the illusion that you’re home even when you’re a hundred miles away.
  1. Doorbell cameras. Packages on your front porch are a beacon for criminals. Doorbell cameras with built-in motion sensors can send you alerts when packages are delivered and HD cameras allow you to record suspicious activity, even at night.
  1. Automated shades. Automated shades, which can be controlled via your mobile device or even your voice, aren’t just for lazy people like me who don’t want to leave their couch. You can schedule times for the shades to open and close, which comes in handy if you’re traveling for the holidays and want to block prying eyes from your living room.
  1. Smart padlocks. Got a tool shed, storage unit, or personal yoga studio to secure? Smart padlocks complete with fingerprint scanners might be the key, even though they don’t use keys. Some of these locks sound audible alarms if they’re tampered with or if someone without authorization tries to open it.

These types of security devices aren’t cheap, but with Cyber Monday just around the corner, it might be a good time to find these and other devices at big discounts.

Keep in mind that while smart devices can add a layer of security to your home, they can be vulnerable to hackers. Check out this video on ways to secure the connected devices in your home so they work for you, not against you.