Motorcycle Insurance Details


Home ownership – Up to 20% for home ownership

Claim-free renewal – 3% on first renewal and 5% each successive year

Transferring your policy to us – 10% if no lapse in coverage or 1% if less than a 30 day lapse

Insuring multiple units – 10% for insuring two bikes or 15% for three or more

The discounts offered in California vary.

Included coverage

Three coverage options

  • Full coverage – You are covered for your liability, plus collision damage and comprehensive losses to your cycle. With full coverage you can add options to your policy.
  • Liability plus comprehensive – Comprehensive coverage includes protection for theft or damage to your bike resulting from causes such as fire or weather, but not collision.
  • Liability only – You are insured for just the liability requirements of your state. Physical damage coverage to the motorcycle is not part of the policy.

Two loss settlement options

  • Replacement cost – This is an option for a street-driven unit that is two model years or newer. Both comprehensive and collision coverage must be purchased. Mopeds, scooters, off-roads and customs are not eligible.
  • Actual cash value – In the event of a total loss or theft, we pay the actual cash value, which includes a deduction for depreciation. For a partial loss we pay the repair cost, minus depreciation for damaged parts. The policy deductible applies.

Accessories – When you purchase full coverage, equipment you add to the bike that did not come from the manufacturer (as identified by the VIN) is covered separately up to $3,000. You can buy up to $15,000 in coverage.

Safety apparel – Our full coverage policies provide $1,000 coverage on approved clothing and helmets if damaged in an accident ($400 limit per helmet). There is no deductible for the helmet.

Medical payments – Coverage starts at $1,000 and can be increased up to $10,000.


Optional coverage

Rental reimbursement – Add coverage for expenses to rent a replacement motorcycle after a physical damage loss. Comprehensive coverage is required.

Trip loss reimbursement – We reimburse up to $300 for transportation, lodging and expenses if your bike becomes disabled more than 100 miles from home. We also include up to $300 for towing costs, regardless of how far you are from home.

Transport trailer – Add physical damage coverage for a trailer designed to transport your insured cycle. A $250 deductible applies.


Flexible payment options

Automate monthly installments with EZPay, or pay by check or credit card, either in full, two or four payments.

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