Landlord Dwelling

A streamlined policy for owners of 10 or more rental properties

Offer your customers with multiple rental properties a simplified approach to coverage. American Modern’s Landlord 10+ Dwelling program schedules all properties into one policy, with one bill and one renewal date. It’s easy to add, remove or have the occupancy changed. A minimum of 10 properties is required, but there is no top limit and customers can select either a replacement cost or actual cash value coverage for each property in the portfolio.


  • Minimum of ten rental properties – no maximum
  • All properties scheduled on one policy
  • One- to six- family dwelling units
  • Condo units
  • Manufactured homes on private land (no parks)
  • Mixed use (retail on ground, rental above)
  • Seasonal

Key Benefits

  • One Policy makes it easier to manage coverage for multiple properties.
  • One Bill means there’s only one monthly payment to make.
  • One Renewal Date means you only have to reassess once a year.

Coverage details

Q: Are a mixture of vacant land and rental dwellings accepted in the Landlord 10+ Dwelling Program?
A: Yes. However, vacant land can only be written on the 10+ provided the customer has 10 or more rental dwellings or condominiums.

Q: Can vacant homes be written within the Landlord 10+ Dwelling Program?
A: Yes. Scheduled Vacant rental dwellings may be written within the Landlord 10+ Dwelling Program. These dwellings may be vacant due to renovation or remodeling, possibly between tenants or waiting for a real estate closing. In many cases, the home may be for sale.

Q: What are the Eligibility requirements for the scheduled vacant rental dwellings within the Landlord 10+ Dwelling Program?

  • The home may not have been vacant for more than 24 months.
  • The home must be in above average condition
  • Theft coverage is excluded
  • Heat must be maintained during vacancy, depending on the geographic location of the home.

Q: Can a mixture of vacant homes and occupied rental dwellings be written within the Landlord 10+ Dwelling Program?
A: Yes. You can insure a mixture of vacant and occupied rental dwellings on one Landlord 10+ Dwelling Policy.

Program details may vary by state. For specifics, please log in to modernLINK and consult the program manual for specifics located under the eForms tab.