Vacant Homes

There are many reasons property might be vacant – including a home undergoing renovation, a seasonal home, a rental home between tenants or a home waiting for new owners to move in. Since vacant homes are at a higher risk, they need special coverage. American Modern will help you find the right policy to protect your customers during short-and long-term vacancies.

Dwelling Basic (DP-1)

Essential and flexible coverage for rental and seasonal homes.



  • All occupancy types – rental, seasonal, vacant, owner-occupied
  • No restriction on the home’s age
  • Fair or better condition
  • Standalone, non-residential structures
  • Up to four-family construction

Popular Features:

  • Named peril protection
  • Actual cash value settlement
  • Coverage of standalone structures
  • Liability coverage

 Program details vary by state. Please consult the program manual for specifics.