Why is the ATV | UTV Market exploding and what does this mean for American Modern® agents?

If you are at all a fan of adventure sports, listen up! Off-roading is a recreational powersport exploding in popularity in America, and you simply can’t hit the pavement or the field without an ATV or UTV. That’s why American Modern® wants you (and all of our agents), to take advantage of this growing market, so you can learn how to safeguard your clients’ wildest adventures.


ATV is short for All Terrain Vehicle, and as its name implies, it’s designed to handle rugged outdoor environments like mud, hills, rocky slopes, backwoods, fields, and more. These are also called “Quads” or “Quad Runners,” referring to the four wheels of the vehicle.

When Royal Enfield built and sold the first powered ATV (his was called a quadracycle) back in 1893, his design was a type of horseless carriage for road use only. While you won’t see Enfield’s ATVs on the road these days, modern ATVs continue to have a variety of uses including for recreational and utility.

Hunting and fishing types use ATVs to travel to the remote outskirts of hunting areas, since they can handle unexpected creek beds, steep hills, and light brush. They also come in handy for park rangers, and anyone who lives close to nature for that matter, as they can help carve out walking trails or explore off the beaten path. And, let’s face it, ATVs are the perfect toy for adventurous spirits. Even rap stars are stocking up on them. They’ve also become a flashy way to get around in urban cores, as documented in the film 12 O’clock Boys, about Baltimore’s notorious crew that joyrides on ATVs amongst others for fun.

Beyond fun and maneuverability, ATVs are also on the up-and-up when it comes to attractive pricing. Typically, ATVs are cheaper than UTVs, and can be purchased in a wide variation of body and motor sizes, making them an easily customizable choice for riders of different sizes.


Utility Task Vehicles might automatically make you think of farmers toting around bales of hay and tools on the farm, but these super-functional machines have crossed the line from “meh” to “amazing!” With the introduction of high performance models (the Polaris® RZR and John Deere™ RSX850i come to mind), these off-road vehicles are no longer powered to just haul your harvest or clear junk from around the yard.

One of the major benefits of the UTV for recreational use is the ability to safely carry more than one rider. With seats intended for multiple riders, UTV’s can reliably create a good time for families, all packed into one machine.

Another amazing UTV benefit is its storage space. Just like a truck, UTVs are cool because you can throw stuff in the back. “Utility” refers to the ability to carry things with you. Whether you need your tools, a cooler, hunting gear or camping supplies, your UTV has a reasonable amount of space for packing your gear along.

Not only is the market for UTVs growing swiftly, but so is the aftermarket: from custom wheels to light kits and extreme suspension options, UTV owners can spend as much cash or even more on customizing their ride as they did to buy it.

The ATV |UTV Market and You.

The ATV | UTV market has exploded. That’s because their appeal usefulness is undeniable once consumers’ get their hands on them. According to a 2018 Orbis Research report, “the trend of outdoor recreational activities and power sports has been rising at a noteworthy higher rate over the past few years and in the forecast period. Demand for leisure and amusement activities in nearby locations from cities has been increasing significantly along with increasing disposable income of individuals across the globe.” And America held the largest regional share in the global ATV and UTV vehicle market in 2016.

Whether used on rural farms or within urban cores, these alternative vehicles are finding their way into a variety of cultural pockets throughout the country and becoming more popular as a recreational powersport. In fact, ATVs and UTVs high performance capabilities have even entered the tourism market, especially when it comes to desert destinations like California.

Introducing American Modern’s Motorsport program to your clients now will allow them to protect their off-roading escapades. American Modern offers competitive rates, accessory coverage, and a claims department with extensive knowledge of all things UTV and ATV. The lure of ATVs and UTVs is budding across America: from laid-back folks cutting lose on the trails with their friends and family to flashy squads in major cities to hipsters gallivanting in the desert. When you combine smart technology packaged in a slick, functional design with the wanderlust for exploring the great outdoors, you get a perfect blend of a machine that’s both capable and fun. In other words, a no-brainer when it comes to being recreational and functional at once.

With the ATV and UTV market growing at a rapid pace, you have a major opportunity to get up to speed on this modern phenomena and edge out in front of the pack by offering American Modern to your thrill-seeking ATV and UTV customers.

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