When to Write Collector Vs. Standard Auto

When most people think “car collector,” they imagine someone who loves the classics. But a whole lot of your customers have passion for the newer cars of today that have the potential to become the classics of tomorrow. Manufacturers are currently making some great performance cars and trucks that will likely become future collectibles. Mustang GT, Camaro SS, Challenger SRT8, and Corvettes are all examples of new cars that are making big horsepower, are handling great, are a blast to drive, and look cool, too. 

But for those thinking about something new as a future collectible, you must make sure it’s living the collector-car lifestyle before writing a collector-car policy. Is it garage-kept? Is it driven occasionally versus being a daily driver? If the answer is yes to these questions (and to a few others), customers might qualify for a collector-car policy with American Modern. And there are a lot of benefits to doing so.

  1. Agreed value policy to lock in their investment. New cars go down in value for years before going back up again. With our policies, customers can insure their collectable for its current value for as long as they own it.
  2. Lower premium. Because their  car is not a daily driver and is garage-kept, their premium could be significantly lower than what they pay now.
  3. Full coverage insurance. Comprehensive, Collision, Liability, glass, towing, etc., are all available.
  4. Claims experience. Because we only insure collector cars, claims aren’t handled the same as they are on your average minivan or SUV. Our team comes directly from the repair industry and are enthusiasts themselves. And that means a lot to your customers.



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