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A 5-Point, “Road Ready” Checklist For Collector Car Agents And Enthusiasts

Now that the weather is nice, collector car owners everywhere are itching to take their showpiece for a joyride. Before they do, here are a few tips you can share with them to make their first cruise of the season one they will remember – in a good way!

1. Radiator and heater hoses need to be checked for leaks, dry rotting, and swelling. They’ll need to be replaced if damaged.

2. Check fuel lines and hoses for leaks. Fuel hoses can dry rot and fail. Trust me, I know. We’ve had countless fire claims caused by a fuel hose failure. It’s worth spending a few dollars to replace the fuel hose if your customer has any doubt.

3. Belts could have wear or cracking, the tension may need to be adjusted or they may need to be replaced.

4. Check for signs of mice. Yes, mice. It only takes one of the little critters to cause some major problems. Your collector vehicle customers should inspect the wiring to make sure it isn’t chewed up, and check for nests in the air cleaner, the air ducts, the frame rails, exhaust, and in the headliner.

5. Lastly, check “all” fluids, including: engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, differential gear oil, and even washer fluid.

It’s worth the effort to make sure everything is in 100% tip top shape before hitting the road.

Be sure to share this infographic on your own social pages and let your customers know you’re looking out for them year round.


For informational purposes only and may not be applicable to all situations.

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Rick Drewry
Rick Drewry is the senior claims specialist, Collector Vehicle & Motorcycle, at American Modern Insurance Group. He has been passionate about collector cars since he was a kid. He has owned and restored collector cars, as well as worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years.