Spring into “YES” with a solution for harder-to-place Residential Risks

Every March, the housing market wakes up from its winter downtime, and more properties go on the market than any other time of year. Whether your client occupies the home, is renting it out long-term, or as an AirBNB, you can make the most out of this time of year by insuring all types of residential properties.

A property can find itself outside of a normal HO-3 policy for any number of reasons. You can score big by saying “Yes” in situations like these:


A few claims on a property?

Just because a property owner has made a few claims on a single place, doesn’t mean they’re someone who doesn’t deserve coverage! Between weather and bad luck, your client might be wondering who will cover them! That’s when you can say “Yes” to their needs

Property in a remote location?

What if you come across a new property owner and they are…out there. Locationally speaking of course. Maybe they found a great spot near a new desert destination in the middle of Nevada, but without a nearby firehouse. American Modern can help you say “Yes” to properties in any protection class – even 9 and 10.

Short-term rental?

The sharing economy has given property owners numerous new ways to monetize a space in a much more flexible way than the standard 12-month lease. Think of an Airbnb or Peerspace property with amazing views and one-of-a-kind atmosphere.  American Modern will help you say “Yes” to these insurance needs too, with a short-term rental solution.

Occupant have an unusual pet?

Let’s say your new rental property is an investment, a fixer-upper home in a developing part of town. Your brother offers to move in, and rent and rehab this new spot, but he has himself a less than usual pet…a monkey! Many insurance companies will not accept a property if there is a liability concern, like that monkey. However, American Modern can exclude the liability coverage in order to cover the property and you can say “Yes” to your brother’s unusual pet request.

Now is the time to prepare yourself for a business boost! Click through to our agent toolbox to give yourself the skills to say ‘Yes!’

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