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Protect Your Pocket from Costly Home Repairs – like HVAC and Appliances

In today’s world, we are all looking for more customizable options. Whether you’re building your computer’s system, picking out a band for your fitness tracker, or deciding if you want guacamole on your tacos (it’s extra), individualizing your purchases to make them fit your lifestyle better reigns supreme. Continue reading “Protect Your Pocket from Costly Home Repairs – like HVAC and Appliances”

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How Much Snow Can Your Roof Handle?

With several storms hitting the country in the past few weeks there might be quite a bit of snow on your roof.  The question: Can your roof handle it? The answer: It depends. Continue reading “How Much Snow Can Your Roof Handle?”

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Heat Up Valentine’s Day Without Burning Down Your Home

Candles and romance go hand in hand on Valentine’s Day, but what starts as a warm glow could escalate into a dangerous fire. Although candles account for a small percentage of total home fires, they can still spark serious damage. Keep these tips in mind this Valentine’s Day to make sure it’s love, and not smoke, that’s in the air.

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10 Tips for Space Heater Safety

While we all hope Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, is right about spring’s early arrival, it’s likely the cold temperatures are still coming our way. People use space heaters every day to keep their homes warm when the air furnace is not heating properly, if the central heating is too costly, or even if the furnace goes out at the worst possible time. Unfortunately, space heaters also pose a significant fire hazard if not used properly. Continue reading “10 Tips for Space Heater Safety”

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7 Tips For Safer Online Shopping

Use the following 7 tips to help keep your information secure while shopping online, and share them with your friends and family too!

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Safety Tips For Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi spots are everywhere these days. They’re convenient, especially when you’re on the go, but they could also leave your information vulnerable. Here are 3 tips to help you stay safer if you end up having to use public Wi-Fi.

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4 Ways to Stay Ahead of Smartphone Hackers

Did you know that Americans check their phone on average 80 times a day? Surprising, right? Unfortunately, the amount of times that our phones can be compromised is surprisingly high as well.  And because mobile phones are so valuable to hackers, more and more new exploits are being discovered.

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Cyber Risks: 3 Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

Internet of Things (IoT) , 5G and smart devices are all part of the modern digital transformation process of homes and businesses worldwide. But with potential opportunities, there are risks that come too. Here is a look at some of the growing risk trends as suggested by Munich Re experts.

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Social Media Privacy: Taking Control of Your Data

Social media makes it easy for you leave a trail of personal information that you may not want to share with advertisers, analytics companies or people other than your connections. Take charge of your  online privacy with these 6 tips from Hartford Steam experts.

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Prevent Frozen Pipes

Freezing temperatures. Whiteout storms. Icy roads. And, worst of all, frozen pipes. While you’re probably going to have to tough out the first three, with a little know-how you should be able to keep your pipes in one piece this winter. Continue reading “Prevent Frozen Pipes”