How a Good Story Can Help Grow Your Business in Big Ways

One proven way to make your clients trust your working relationship is the ability to tell them an engaging and relevant story. Use an easy-to-follow narrative story where someone with a similar problem found a solution in your business. This engages your client in a conversational, comfortable, but focused way. The more masterful your storytelling can be, the more connected your clients will become to you and your business.

Stories and Statistics
Humans are wired to follow stories. Businesses are built to run on numbers. Engaging in both with your customers can make sure they leave your meeting with a meaningful takeaway.
According to a study at Stanford University, statistics paired with stories yielded a 70% retention rate. This is HUGE! Think of all the moments someone is selling to you and how much information you retain. By pairing the data with a narrative about a similar client in your area, your customers are drawn in substantially deeper than if you just handed them the numbers.

Connection Between Client and Agent
You want a client to walk away from a meeting trusting you. Spending your meeting time with a prospective client telling an engaging story can make it feel less like a meeting and more like hanging out with friends. Storytelling is a key element to relationships between close friends and family, which is why employing the same tactics with clients can lead them to trust you even more.

Social Media and Storytelling
Spreading the stories of past successes on social media channels spreads your stories to a much wider audience. It’s good to think about your marketing plans and to include long-form posts on your website or LinkedIn that relay a client’s problem and the solution you found for them in a narrative fashion. Going back to satisfied customers and asking them for photos and permission to put their names and situation in your stories makes everything that much more credible with your clients.

Finding the Value in Anecdotes
It only takes a few happy clients to give you anecdotes to keep in your back pocket. Here is a story from an agent and the many takeaways you can use to relate to other clients.

An agent in Wisconsin was approached by a bed and breakfast in a remote, northern county. A husband and wife had spent years working and rehabbing an old Victorian home to open up a bed and breakfast near a popular lake for vacationers to unwind. Everything was going as planned, a few construction road bumps but nothing major, until it came time to insure the property for its intended use. They found due to the age of the house (it was built in 1904) and the amount of snow storms usual for the area (60 inches a year on average) many insurers passed on keeping the property covered. This agent was able to cover them with American Modern® Dwelling Basic (DP-1) plan. Now they have a thriving business and anything that can go wrong on their property whether it be snow storms or a customer with an unexpected fall, they can feel safe and secure.

Make A Lasting Impression
Good sales come from good storytelling. Using engaging stories to relay information, statistics, and empathy to your clients will have a lasting effect on the growth of your business!

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