11 Resolutions to Amp Up Your Social Media Presence in 2021

Resolutions: We make them every year. From resolving to stop cutting your bangs over the sink to finally organizing your garage-turned-storage-unit, personal resolutions come in many forms. But what about professional resolutions? It’s easy to forget to make these, so we’ve developed a list of resolutions for our insurance agents out there who hope to become savvier at social media marketing, and to use social channels to increase referrals and grow business.

Why is social media the go-to tool for agents in 2021? It’s no mystery that social media influences outcomes in sales, client leads, and brand messaging. It also enables you to reach large (and often targeted) groups at a minimal cost. Social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are dynamic and in constant change with new updates and features regularly being added. Continue reading “11 Resolutions to Amp Up Your Social Media Presence in 2021”

Create a Five-Foot Buffer to Help Protect Your Home from Wildfires

People living in California are keenly familiar with the risk of wildfire. Of the 4.5 million U.S. homes at high or extreme risk, more than 2 million of them are in the Golden State, according to the Verisk 2019 Wildfire Risk Analysis. If you’re wondering what you can do to mitigate the risk to your home, it all begins with preparation – particularly in the area immediately surrounding the structure. Ideally, this defensible space should act as a buffer to slow or stop the wildfire. That gives your home a better chance of surviving the fire, and it helps protect the firefighters who may be defending it.

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Your Guide to Summer Maintenance

With the first day of summer approaching, there’s no better time to start tackling some home maintenance projects. There are all sorts of things you can do to spruce up your home while the weather is warm, but we came up with a list of the most essential maintenance tips to get you started.

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Children swimming in pool

Prepare Your Pool for Child Safety

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s likely that you and your kids are spending a lot of time cooling off by the pool. Here are some pool safety tips to help keep your backyard oasis secure and safe. Continue reading “Prepare Your Pool for Child Safety”

Dog licking a smiling man's face

Pet Tips for Apartment Living

According to the LA Times, more than 70% of apartment renters own pets, with cats and dogs being the most popular types. Regardless of whether you’re a cat- or a dog-person, keep these tips in mind to make life easier for you and your four-legged roomies. Continue reading “Pet Tips for Apartment Living”

5 safety tips when gearing up for a long ride

Tips to Make Your Adventure Safer

The weather’s getting better fast and that means there’s just one question everyone is asking: Who’s ready to ride? Of course, lots of great questions follow that one: What’s your favorite destination? What is your favorite route to ride? Who will you be riding with? Continue reading “Tips to Make Your Adventure Safer”

Smiling man on sailboat

5 Things to Know Before You Get Back on the Water

Summer is right around the corner—and that means it’s time to take the boat out of winter storage. Although there will always be risks, some marine losses can be avoided if boat owners (and agents and underwriters!) know a few warning signs. Here are 5 tips to help navigate toward a ship-shape voyage:

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German shepherd appears to work on the computer

7 Tips for Working from Home with Your Dog

Your dog is probably overjoyed that you don’t have to go into the office, but they don’t understand that this isn’t an extended weekend with unlimited opportunities for chin scratches and walks. Having canine companionship during the day is a blessing, but it can be tough to keep your dog quiet when you’re working from home.

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Graphic of a purple house with small flames around it

6 Simple Steps Can Help Minimize Your Exposure to Wildfires

Wildfire risk used to be seasonal, but in many states, it is now a year-round risk. Brush and forest fires cause extensive damage every year, and it’s not just the Western part of the country. Any home situated on the edge of grasslands, or near brush or trees, is vulnerable. Taking the following steps can reduce a home’s vulnerability to any exterior fire. Continue reading “6 Simple Steps Can Help Minimize Your Exposure to Wildfires”

ModernColor! graphic featuring coloring pages of cars, houses and pets

ModernColor! Kids Coloring for Change Project

Most kids love to draw and color. And most parents love it when their kids are drawing and coloring—or, especially these days, doing anything that keeps them occupied for more than a minute. So that’s why we’ve come up with a little something to keep kids and parents alike smiling—and to do something good for charity while they’re at it.

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