Social Media Privacy: Taking Control of Your Data

Since October is Cyber Awareness Month, we are continuing to share various cyber and online safety tips to help keep Internet safety top of mind.

Social media makes it easy for you leave a trail of personal information that you may not want to share with advertisers, analytics companies or people other than your connections. Take charge of your  online privacy with these 6 tips from Hartford Steam experts.

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Fire Prevention Week: Kitchen Fires

Did you know that October 6th  through October 12th  is National Fire Prevention week? While it may not be something you’re going to actually celebrate, it’s a great time to refresh your memory and keep fire safety top of mind. And because more fires are likely to start in the kitchen than any other room, we’ve combined some safety tips to help you prevent them.

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Cyber Risks: 3 Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

October is Cyber Awareness Month, so we’ve put these trends together to inform you of potential cyber risks, and to help keep you and your customers safe.

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New Policyholder Online Tool to Report Lost Contents

As part of the company’s focus on improving the customer experience, American Modern has launched an online solution for policyholders who want to file a claim for lost contents. The user-friendly tool can greatly reduce the time a policyholder needs to wait for the settlement of a property claim. In fact, the new online solution has reduced the time needed to settle a property claim by an average of 55%, compared with settlement time over the same period last year.

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Your Guide to Fall Home Maintenance

Fall is finally here! Most of you are probably excited for cooler weather, and various fall season activities: pumpkin patches, hayrides, corn mazes, haunted houses, apple picking and a lot more. But keep in mind that fall is also the time to maintain your home and prepare it for the cooler temperatures. We came up with a short list of maintenance tips to help keep your home in top condition this fall.

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6 Wildfire Evacuation Preparation Tips

The 2017 wildfire season was one of the most devastating on record, and totaled  more than $18 billion in damages. While wildfire season often occurs during the summer, a wildfire could start at any time if the conditions are right. With how unpredictable and fast the wildfires are, surviving begins with being prepared to evacuate. Here are 6 evacuation tips to keep in mind when fire, or any natural disaster threatens.

1. Know where to go. Have a destination in mind, and know how to get there. Let family and friends know your plans and how to reach you. Don’t just rely on your GPS, take a map as well. Keep the car fueled and ready to go.
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6 Simple Steps Can Help Minimize Your Exposure to Wildfires

Wildfire risk used to be seasonal, but in many states, it is now a year-round risk. Brush and forest fires cause extensive damage every year, and it’s not just the Western part of the country. Any home situated on the edge of grasslands, or near brush or trees, is vulnerable. Taking the following steps can reduce a home’s vulnerability to any exterior fire. Continue reading “6 Simple Steps Can Help Minimize Your Exposure to Wildfires”

Is Your Motorcycle Coverage a Perfect Fit?

Not all bikes are the same. Insurance isn’t all the same, either.
Picking good motorcycle insurance is more than just choosing between comp and collision or liability-only. Here are four questions to ask yourself about coverages and options before you switch to a new policy or renew your current one.

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Your Collector Car & Hurricanes: What You Should Know

August and September are prime months for hurricanes. Your state’s emergency management agency, or the local Red Cross office, can provide detailed emergency planning information for your life and home. But what about your special car? Here’s some advice.

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Rethink The Word “Valuables”

Cash and jewelry aren’t the only items on thief’s must-have list. There are a lot of “soft” targets you may not have considered, too. Check out this list and do your best to secure anything that’s easily targeted – inside and out! Continue reading “Rethink The Word “Valuables””