Child in yellow raincoat looks at puddle

Spring Flood Protection: How to Secure Your Home

April showers bring May flowers – and sometimes a little flooding as well. While it’s true that spring rains are great for new plant growth – which is a welcome sight after a long winter – some storms are capable of unleashing several inches of rain in just a few hours. Add a little snow melt, and the ground quickly becomes saturated, storm drains overflow, and rivers and streams spill over their banks. The resulting flood waters can wreak havoc on everything and anything that gets in the way – including your home. Continue reading “Spring Flood Protection: How to Secure Your Home”

A blue car drives on a road next to a river

A 5-Point, “Road Ready” Checklist For Collector Car Agents And Enthusiasts

Now that the weather is nice, collector car owners everywhere are itching to take their showpiece for a joyride. Before they do, here are a few tips you can share with them to make their first cruise of the season one they will remember – in a good way!

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A father works from his kitchen table with two small children who color nearby

Working from Home: Making It Work for You

For several weeks, most of the country has been on lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The change was swift and furious, so workers had only a short time to respond. One day everyone was sitting in rush hour traffic, and the next day those same individuals were scrambling to find a workspace at home. Now social media feeds are full of photos of people working from their basements, garages, and kitchen tables. And if that isn’t enough to paint a vivid picture, check out one of the myriad video conferences taking place from homes everywhere. You’ll hear dogs barking, kids running through the house, and deliveries at the front door. This, of course, is the new normal.

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A man and woman enter the front door of a mobile home

Tie-Downs are Crucial for Manufactured Homes

Tie-downs are crucial when it comes to the safety of any manufactured home. Because manufactured homes are very lightweight, strong winds are more likely to get under and lift the home. If your mobile home is not tied down, it could get rolled or flipped in a tornado or severe windstorm.  Continue reading “Tie-Downs are Crucial for Manufactured Homes”

A man and a woman on separate motocycles are stopped on a mountains road

A 15-Step Guide to Preparing Your Motorcycle For Spring

Spring is in the air, and those motorcycle enthusiasts stuck in colder states are itching to take their bikes out for that first-ride-of-the-season cruise. If your bike has been in storage all winter, follow these steps to make sure it’s ready to hit the road.

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Man with grey hair driving convertible car down a sunny road

7 Steps to Get Your Classic Car Ready for Spring

Spring has sprung! That means it’s time to start thinking about getting your classic cars and trucks ready for the season.

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