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7 Tips for Safer Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday may be a few days away, but most online shopping retailers start to offer discounts and deals on Black Friday, or even a week before.  And while, of course, we love a good “cyber” deal as much as you do, we want to make sure your online shopping experience is safe from any unexpected cyber hacks.

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7 Tips to Help Prevent Theft During the Holidays and Beyond

Each year more than 100 million Americans travel for the year-end holidays. Moreover, insurance claims peak toward the end of the year, mostly due to holiday travels and all of the valuable gifts left behind at home. By following these mischief-deferring tips, you can protect yourself and your belongings this holiday season. Continue reading “7 Tips to Help Prevent Theft During the Holidays and Beyond”

Seasonal Cheer without Fire Fear

Many of us take Christmas tree traditions very seriously. It is no wonder that trees are the centerpiece of our holidays and add a touch of magic and warmth all season long. For many, December brings wonder, anticipation, and joy. Unfortunately, it also brings an increased risk of fire with all the added glow of glittery lights and flickering candles. Christmas trees and holiday lighting-associated fires result in $18.3 million dollars in property damage each year. In particular, these holiday-related fires are three times as deadly than other fires.

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Thanksgiving: How Not to Be Gobbled Up by Thanksgiving Day Fiascos

So, you’ve offered to host Thanksgiving this year. Hats off to you! Now for the fun part…a long list of holiday to-dos like braving the grocery store, ordering the turkey, planning a menu, decorating, and of course, preparing the meal. Continue reading “Thanksgiving: How Not to Be Gobbled Up by Thanksgiving Day Fiascos”

5 Easy Steps to Help Winterize Your Home

Winter is right around the corner, follow these 5 simple home winterization steps to help save money and energy.

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Turkey Deep-Frying Safety

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s no doubt that you have already started putting together a grocery list for the perfect holiday dinner. While sides like green bean casserole and stuffing are a must for any Thanksgiving menu, Turkey is still the obvious star of the table, but not all are prepared the same.  Some wake up bright and early to get started on their turkey that may take hours to roast in the oven, some stuff their turkey with vegetables and bread, while others avoid the trouble, and save time by deep-frying their turkey instead. Unfortunately, there are a lot of safety concerns that come with doing that: from cooking fires to serious burns. Continue reading “Turkey Deep-Frying Safety”

9 Steps to Winterizing Your Collector Vehicle

In most of the country, cold weather is here to stay, so it’s likely time to prepare your ride for hibernation. And because collector cars don’t live the same life as a vehicle that’s driven every day, it’s important to follow a winterization process thoroughly, to ensure your car survives the cold months.

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Your Guide to Winter Maintenance

Although winter officially begins with the Solstice on December 21st, many states have already experienced their fair share of freezing temperatures and snowfall. Before the weather becomes even more severe, make sure you start preparing your home for cold temperatures. Our winter maintenance tips will help protect your home inside and out.

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How To Winterize Your Motorcycle in 7 Simple Steps

Cold temperatures are settling in, which means motorcycle riding season is coming to an end. Unless you live in the southwest or southern states, odds are you will be putting your ride in storage for winter months. Unfortunately, simply keeping it covered is not enough.

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