Prevent Frozen Pipes

Freezing temperatures. Whiteout storms. Icy roads. And, worst of all, frozen pipes. While you’re probably going to have to tough out the first three, with a little know-how you should be able to keep your pipes in one piece this winter. Continue reading “Prevent Frozen Pipes”

11 Resolutions to Amp Up Your Digital Presence in 2019

Resolutions: We make them every year. From resolving to stop cutting your bangs over the sink to finally organizing your garage-turned-storage-unit, personal resolutions come in many forms. But what about professional resolutions? It’s easy to forget to make these, so we’ve developed a list of resolutions for our insurance agents out there who hope to become savvier at social media marketing, and to use social channels to increase referrals and grow business.

Why is social media the go-to tool for agents in 2019? It’s no mystery that social media influences outcomes in sales, client leads and brand messaging. It also enables you to reach large (and often targeted) groups at minimal cost. Social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are dynamic and in constant change with new updates and features regularly being added. Continue reading “11 Resolutions to Amp Up Your Digital Presence in 2019”