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If your customers are looking to protect owner-occupied homes that need special coverage — for example, a property that is located too far from a fire station, or has prior claims history, where coverage has lapsed or an older home — turn to American Modern.

Coverage for a variety of rental properties, including vacation homes, property owned by an LLC or corporation or short-term rentals. Investors with multiple properties can cover their portfolio under one policy for convenience.

There are many reasons property might be vacant – including a home undergoing renovation, a seasonal home, a rental home between tenants or a home waiting for new owners to move in. We will help you find the right policy to protect your customers during short-and long-term vacancies.

Our flexible program gives you the freedom to insure any factory-built home. We place no age restriction on the home and we cover rental, seasonal and vacant manufactured homes, too.

From race cars to hot rods, classics to exotics, even collectible farm equipment, American Modern covers collectibles. With classic car values rising, your customers may be looking to protect their investment. We can help you find the coverage they need.

News & Updates from American Modern

All your policyholder documents. In one place.

April 2, 2019

Use our one-stop, find-it-all portal to get all the documents we send your policyholders. And get the simple instructions for both AMsuite® and modernLINK® users here.

Have you heard of AMsuite?

October 4, 2017

AMsuite is the next generation, quoting and policy management tool. It replaces modernLINK. States are migrating every few months:

Alabama/Connecticut – quoting opens Aug 28

Indiana/Maine — quoting opens Oct 30

Get the details at the AMsuite Resource Center.

Specialty insurance can be a challenge

October 3, 2017

Anytime you need an alternative to a standard policy, check with American Modern. We have solutions for those harder-to-place customers with rental property, owner occupancy challenges, a seasonal or vacation home, a vacant home, or a manufactured home.

Download your Guide To Say “YES”. It’s a great summary of your property options.

“I am very humbled by your wonderful customer service! It has made me look good to my client and I am grateful to you.”

Susan, Agent

“With American Modern, we get a lot of personalized attention. We are a small agency, yet we are treated like a large one.”

The Diehl Agency

“They took ownership of the situation and made sure that I was satisfied with the outcome. I will think of American Modern first next time I’m placing specialty business.”

Chad, Runyon Insurance Agency