Yacht Insurance

Special coverage and limits

Personal effects and fishing gear – Up to $10,000 in coverage for personal effects and fishing gear.

Emergency assistance – Up to $2,500 to reimburse emergency assistance and towing, and up to $10,000 for search and rescue.

Travel loss reimbursement – Up to $1,000 per day ($10,000 per term max.) plus lodging and transportation.

Under or uninsured watercraft – If you have an accident with someone with little or no insurance, we keep you covered.

Using other watercraft – Your liability protection extends to the use or rental of another boat.

Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act – The act requires that you pay for any medical expenses if a part-time captain or crew member employed by you is injured while working on, servicing, or supplying your vessel. This policy provision meets your legal obligations.


We cover consequential damage

If you’ve had a boat or yacht policy before, you know that consequential damage is not handled the same by marine carriers. American Modern takes a more generous interpretation than most competitors.

If your yacht is disabled by a cause not covered by insurance and suffers other damage that is normally covered, the initial cause does not void the coverage for the consequential loss. For example, if mechanical failure leads to an accident that causes hull damage, the mechanical failure does not void the coverage for the hull damage.

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Understanding “consequential damage” is important when evaluating yacht policies.

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