Home Insurance

There are many reasons why a standard insurance company may not accept your home or may price it higher than you think is reasonable. It might be past claims, or because its construction and cost is outside of the average for your community.

Rather than accepting a simple fire insurance policy, consider a program that fills the middle ground between basic and comprehensive coverage. American Modern’s specialty home insurance program is a well-rounded package of coverage that protects not just the structure, but also your personal possessions and liability exposure.


Coverage highlights

Named peril protection – The policy covers those causes of loss listed by name in the policy documents (fire, lighting, wind, hail, explosion, and others). It covers the essentials, but not everything. The list can be expanded with the optional Enhanced Coverage endorsement.

Actual cash value settlement – Losses are settled for the actual cash value (ACV), which takes depreciation into account. In many states we offer upgrades to full repair cost coverage or replacement cost coverage.

Liability – You are covered if an injury occurs to someone while on the premises, or if you accidentally injure someone or damage property away from your home.

Personal property – Your personal belongings are protected on an actual cash value basis if the home suffers a covered loss.


Home eligibility

Single or two-family construction

  • Single or two-family construction
  • No age restriction
  • Average to better condition, showing proper maintenance
  • Full-time, owner-occupied residence or a seasonally used home
  • A second home or a vacation home not needing the same level of coverage as your primary residence.

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